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 Start Up Advice - Stuff You should know

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PostSubject: Start Up Advice - Stuff You should know   Tue Apr 10, 2007 3:11 pm

Level Up Points:

All should go on Attack and Damage. These stats are what help you kill faster and therefore level more efficiently. Everything else is easily fixed with equipment

Skill Points:

Don't spread them out. Concentrate on maxing one skill, then move on to the next. Skills aren't worth the stamina spend unless they are high level.


Items don't only lose stats when they are broken. Every point you drop below max durability loses you some of your total stats, so repair very frequently.


Set up short auctions (1/2 hours) Long auctions make it less likely you'll sell your gear, they're only really useful if you wont be online till they finish. Short auctions mean more people will see your item, and let you place new items on more frequently.


Never spend FSP on either the 500 gold or the +25 current stamina. FSP are valuable and those two upgrades are a waste.
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PostSubject: Re: Start Up Advice - Stuff You should know   Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:30 am

Well said Krypkill just want to add, and plze correct me if I am wrong, that I think the hourly xp and gold upgrade are a big scam as well:

20FSP for 1 extra XP an hour, I currently need 55.000 xp to reach my next level so that one extra xp is not really going to help.

20FSP for one extra gold an hour, at the current market place rate that means 20x30.000=600.000 hrs (=25.000days =3571,5weeks =7years Shocked ) before that becomes profitable.
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Start Up Advice - Stuff You should know
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