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 Phaithful's (completely legal :p ) tips and tricks

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PostSubject: Phaithful's (completely legal :p ) tips and tricks   Wed Mar 12, 2008 9:25 pm

Hey all! How's it goin? Well, over my few months of playing FallenSword I have been asked by quite a few people, the same basic question:

Quote :
"How the hell are you leveling so fast?" Shocked

So I usually go through a barrage of PMs to the person in hopes of helping them to cut some corners here and there as I have learned to do. NOTE: all of this is perfectly legal, nothing violates HCS rules for FallenSword. So over the next few days/weeks, I will be posting various "tips, tricks, & how-to's" in this section. It has been mentioned about making a special section for these, but I wanted to put this stuff up to get feedback, etc from our guildmates.

This undertaking will take me a bit of time to put together, so I'll be breaking it up into multiple posts. As I mentioned, any feedback, comments, suggestions pertaining to the topic discussed in the post would be most welcome. I don't claim to be the best at what I do king, but I def have learned some things which can help the leveling process and thus, the guild as a whole. Also, I understand that some of these things may seem very basic to some of you. That's ok. Remember, we were all noobs at one point or another Cool

EDIT { Decided to put in a summarized list of what I will be talking about in more lengthy posts }

Here are my summarized recommendations:

4x Doubler
Spend FSP on +stamina gain proportioned with +max stamina storage until +stamina gain is maxed.
Go with a damage build vs attack or armor. You will only die every once in a while and if you do it right, will loose very little gold w/o having to spend cash or stamina on a gold preservation buff.
Know the mobs that you are and will be fighting (stats, locations, etc)
Have your gear planned out well in advance
Know if there is/are quest(s) in the upcoming area, exactly what you have to do and if they are worth attempting or not.
Work the map in a "L" shape pattern.
Use the AH as a temporary "bank" to hold your gold while hunting areas where you know you will die a few times.
Know where the exits are in a map to work your stamina and level gains effectively.
Leave champions alone, the % chance for a drop is just not worth it.
Buy potions when you can to save on burning your stamina and sometimes gain higher buffs than you can cast yourself anyways.
Keep notes on how much you spend on gear (FSP & gold), so when you go to sell it, you can get your investment (at a bare minimum) back.
If you can't 1 hit the mobs in your next level, but can 1 hit the previous level's mob, go back and level on them instead. It's better to lose 20% vs 50%
Spend your level up points in damage and maybe some in attack. My max recommendation is no more than 60 - 80 points in attack, everything else in damage.
Save your skill up points and spend them when you can max them (100, 105, 110, etc). Put them in the following order: AL, TH, Lib, Berserk, Enchant Weapon, Dark Curse, Doubler, Animal Magnetism.
If you think there might be a chance of death/de-level in the next map, don't leave the map until you have gained 1 - 2% of your next level.
If at all possible, try to have a complete set of some kind so you gain the bonuses and Elite Hunter skill.

I'll add more here if I think of anything I missed. I understand that some of these things you will not understand the reasoning behind unless you read the post associated with it. That's ok, that's why I made the posts to begin with Razz


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PostSubject: Re: Phaithful's (completely legal :p ) tips and tricks   Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:38 am

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Phaithful's (completely legal :p ) tips and tricks
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