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 OMG an Event o.O

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PostSubject: OMG an Event o.O   Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:23 am


Hi all I thought it might be usefull to our new members to get a heads up on what to do in case of a LegendaryEvent.

HCS organises a Legendary Event every so many months, in this 24/48 hour period Legendary creatures appear in some realms. These creatures drop those nice Legendary Sets, Raggghzas, Plague, Deep and Mancrusha are just a few that come to mind.
When it starts HCS announces the event on the home page, stating all the creatures that are in the game and the realm they are in. Soon after chaos hits the world of FallenSword, communication brakes down, loading a page can take upto a minute, FSGuide and FSForum will not load and everybody will be to busy to help out........

What can I hunt ?
HCS changes the stats for creatures sometimes so better double check if these stats are still acurate.

Idea Go for the creature that you can kill on your own.
Arrow Creating groups will be difficult, most people will use their stamina to hunt themselves, there will most likely be no mercs for hire.
Arrow Drop rate is very low, with 600 stami you can create 30 groups yielding 1 or 2 items, so go for 1 hitting a creature 600 times and end up with many more items.

How do I get to....

{ levels 1 to 37}
{ levels 37 to 65}
{ levels 65 to 75 }
{ levels 75 to 100 }
{ levels 100 to 118 }
{ levels 120 to 140 }
{ levels 140 to 186 }
{ levels 186 to 219 }
{ levels 220 to 271 }
{ levels 271 to 320 }
{ levels 320 to 357}

If you are not near a realm with Legendaries or a portal you can always use the instant portal to Krul Island (Character -> Preferences) enter KrulBeach and head for Varas Dungeon, there is a portal there.


Prices of Legendary Items will drop substantially during and after the event as more and more items are put in AH.
If your BackPack permits hold on to your loot, but be prepared to hold on to these items for months before the prices have gone up. For example a HunterHelm at the end of the last LE would cost you 15fsp current AH price 200fsp, easy to see the profit in that one. Mancrusha however is after almost 4 months still stuck around 15fsp.
If you decide to sell do that asap, check the AH for the lowest price and stick it in for that (or 1 fsp less) to make sure it actually gets sold.

An event is also a good opportunity to stock up, buy some sets that you will need in the (near) future. With prices at an all time low at the end of the event you will be raking in a nice profit by the time you are done using your set.


It is never sure when HCS starts an Event, but most likely the next one will be when the game hits 1.5 mill players.
Also never sure what creatures appear, there might be new ones and not all creatures appear every event. A good indicator is the AH, if there is a lack of certain items/sets those creatures are very likely to appear. So my money is on Raggghzas, Plague, Decay, Samaels, and Hunter Wink

More tips and tricks or questions post them here so we can all learn from them Wink

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OMG an Event o.O
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